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K buildings are uniquely designed to meet the needs of families. Are you a 4-H family with a menagerie of rabbits, goats, poultry or larger livestock such as horses or cows? K buildings can be designed to house a handful of different animals rather than needing a separate barn for each type of animal. Is there a carpenter in the family? Workshops and carpentry tools and essentials are easily housed in K buildings for your family's woodworker. What about a boating, kayaking or canoeing enthusiast or a classic car collector? Are there seasonal bicycles, snowmobiles and four wheelers that need stored in the off season? Need extra space for the fishing and hunting supplies or an all-in-one garden/tool/yard equipment building? The high head space of K buildings gives room for energetic teens to play basketball or volleyball without the added cost of higher sidewalls, and extra storage is available by installing a loft. The flexibility, durability, versatility and cost efficiency of K buildings can supply you with the K building custom designed for your family's unique needs.


K buildings have many options available. Whether you want to add wainscot, multiple windows, doors, porches or overhangs, there is something for everyone. K buildings provide more than looks with three different foundation options and the combination of strong steel and wood frame engineering. The pier foundation option means you can set your K building near the lake if you need to house boats, kayaks, canoes or other water sport equipment. Insulation and mechanical components are easily added, and your choice of any combination of overhead, bi-fold, sliding or walk-through service doors of various sizes can be installed.


An added benefit to K buildings is the efficient and essentially waste-free building process because they are designed and manufactured to your specifications before arriving at your property. Virtually all of the material that arrives is used, and there is substantially less construction mess than what is typical for post frame constructed buildings. All necessary components of the building are provided including the steel mainframe, wooden girts and anchor bolts.

Alpha Building Center is your qualified K building dealer for northeast Indiana. Call today to start the process of designing the perfect K building to meet the unique needs and style of your family.