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Farm Shop

Every successful farm requires regular preparation and maintenance behind the scenes, and an adequate shop is vital to that success.  The unique design of K buildings allows for nearly endless customizable options unique to the purpose and needs of each farm.  Floor anchors, hoists and lifts can be installed to your specifications.  Overhead, bi-fold and hydraulic doors are all options on K buildings, and whether you choose follow-roof or hi-lift track options, you will be able to safely and efficiently move all of your equipment, large and small, in and out of your K building shop for regular maintenance.  The steel mainframe with secondary wooden framing design allows for easy installation of electrical wiring and insulation.  The ability to choose among pier, mono-slab or poured wall foundations means that your K building can be built on nearly any type of ground, so you can put your K building where you need it.  The strength of the steel mainframe with secondary wood framing provides excellent resistance to weather and wind damage with the ease of customization.  Designing the right K building shop for your farm ensures you efficiently maintain your farm equipment so you can spend more time farming and less time fixing.

Farm Storage

The clear span advantage of K buildings leaves you with one question. What will you do with all that space? Whether you need to store hay, grain, seed for next spring's planting, equipment of various sizes or all of the above, K buildings give you the best options for customization. With optional sidewall openings up to 43'6” and the vaulted ceiling design unique to K buildings, light and airflow are increased. Wood secondary framing makes interior modifications simple, so adding a loft for additional storage space is easy. K buildings are your answer for farm storage needs.



One K building can meet all of your equine needs by providing space for hay, grain and equipment storage, stalls, tack rooms, wash areas and offices on one end with a year-round, quality indoor training arena at the other end. The vaulted ceiling unique to K buildings provides an open-air feel in the arena with plenty of head space to put in a loft on the other end for extra storage, and the option for interior wall liners provides a clean look. If your needs grow over time, a lean-to can easily be added to your K building for additional storage space. Adding vinyl roll-up side walls is another option that allows for great airflow in the heat of summer. With a K building, training can take place twelve months a year so you can perform at your best.

Whether you choose to utilize multiple roof heights, wainscot, bird proofing, windows and doors of multiple sizes, ridge vents or cupolas, overhangs, porches, lean-tos or I-beam legs, the K building that best fits your needs is waiting to be built just for you, and the K building ID tag that is riveted right to the steel mainframe enables you to get specific details on your building to make future changes and expansions easy. Call Alpha Building Center today to get started on your customized K building.