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Barns bring a sense of history and nostalgia as you see them dotting the countryside. But today's farmers who may still be using those barns of generations past need productivity, durability, strength and ease of use, not just memories of bygone days. While the barn, itself, tends to last longer than the doors, the traditional wooden sliding doors need to stay in the past since those heavy and hard-to-move doors can easily be replaced by stronger, more efficient and easier to use overhead doors that are custom built to fit whatever size door your barn needs. At the push of a button, you can go about your day, whether you are in your combine, bobcat, garden tractor, lawnmower or field tractor. Let modern technology work for you as you continue the tradition of the family farm.

Overhead steel barn doors can be custom built for whatever height, width, window size, energy efficiency or other options you need. Whether you need a basic uninsulated, narrow, lightweight door on your tool shed where you park your mower or doors of varying sizes on the same building where you store your combine next to your standard farm tractor and various farm implements, Alpha Building Center can supply your needs. Have a greenhouse that needs an insulated overhead door to make moving seasonal items easier? We can help!

Animal barns also benefit from overhead doors. Having remotely operated overhead doors makes every job easier, whether loading or unloading animals, or using the bobcat to move equipment, haul manure or move and stock grain, hay and other items needed everyday. Adding windows to the overhead doors provides light for better visibility and safety. Although bifold doors are not able to be remotely operated, they are also available and are very handy for negative pressure buildings where a great air seal is needed, such as poultry barns, or where limited headspace or backspace requires an overhead door to open outward.

Whether you have hoop barns, hog barns, dairy barns, horse barns, dog kennels, machine sheds or just a basic garden shed, finding the right overhead door for them is no problem for Alpha Building Center.

Alpha Building Center can supply and install the overhead doors that meet your agricultural needs and provides a variety of styles, colors and options along with top-of-the-line LiftMaster Operators for long lasting, safe, reliable use in the toughest environments with low maintenance. Call today to find the doors that are perfect for your farm.

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