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Homes are as unique as their owners, and as such, Alpha Building Center provides custom vinyl products that can be designed and built with a combination of your vision and our materials and skill.  Check out just a few of the possibilities below and stop in to see us today to bring your creativity to reality!




Arbors combine classic beauty and functionality as a place to showcase climbing flowers or hanging baskets, highlight the entrance to a walkway or garden or create a focal point for your yard.  They can be a clean, simple design or have intricate details with a couple of benches, but all of Alpha's vinyl arbors give you many years of beauty and use without the maintenance, continual painting or painful splinters of traditional wooden arbors.



Give that flowering vine a neat and tidy place to grow with a trellis and make it easier to mow around.  Let your mailbox stand out with a bright, sturdy vinyl post that never needs painted.  Add a touch of light to your front walkway for beauty and safety.  These are just a few more ways Alpha Building Center's custom vinyl products can add a touch of creativity to your property without additional future maintenance.




Lattice is very versatile, functioning well as a base around a deck, as lightweight, decorative fencing, as an additional layer on top of a pergola or anywhere you need a lightweight, durable barrier.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

For privacy, added safety and beauty, consider using vinyl gates in conjunction with your yard fence or deck railing.  



Cold frames, planter boxes and raised beds are a great way to bring the blessings of gardening to a small space.

The benefits of beautiful flowers and fresh vegetables or herbs are within your reach when you utilize raised beds, planter boxes or cold frames.  Providing good water drainage, soil containment, cold weather protection and ease of use, these items simplify gardening and reduce the time and workload of conventional gardening.



No job is too big or small for  Alpha Building Center's custom vinyl department.  Need one corner accent fence for the end of the driveway?  No problem!  Want to enhance your porch with multiple, intricate structural posts?  Done!  Desire to bless your customers with a bench to rest on?  We've got you covered!  At Alpha, our desire is to serve you, using our skill and resources to bring your creativity to life for your home or business.  Stop in today and see what we can do for you!

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