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Alpha Building Center Mission Statement

Welcome to Alpha Building where honor, service and leadership are key elements of our business.
You can expect to be treated as family as we strive to honor our Creator and serve our coworkers, customers and community through our business.

Our first desire and responsibility is to honor our Creator by how we run the business, treat our coworkers and serve our customers and community. By serving our coworkers and customers with exceptional service and respect, we are sharing God's love and being ambassadors for Christ. We recognize that our business is His business, and we want our values to be communicated to our customers and community through our qualified and dedicated team.

Because our coworkers are our most valuable asset, serving them comes first. As we serve each other well, we are equipping the entire team to better serve our customers and community. Each person adds to our outstanding working environment and the experience of each customer who walks through our doors.

We choose to focus on others so they can fulfill their dreams and goals. Applying our faith, service and experience to the needs of others helps them to develop and grow, which then results in our own growth and development. Living out servant leadership honors our Creator and builds a stronger community.